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We source. We excel at finding products from India for Meher Global Impex buyers. We are the vital link in the Meher Global Impex business network. We facilitate business. We help drive international trade, fulfill needs and help make profits in highly competitive markets. At the same time, through our Meher Global Impex connections, we help Indian businesses find export markets and become Meher Global Impex players. Set up and operated by professionals with years of industry experience in marketing and international sales, we serve as the conduit for Meher Global Impex business. India is a rich source of commodities and manufactured products. International buyers looking to source products from India can find the going tough as it is difficult to locate sellers and negotiate the best deal as well as ensure that the product is as claimed.

This is how we assist international buyers to source products from India:

  • We identify the best producers of commodities or manufacturers of products.
  • We enter into negotiations and check their prices as well as product quality.
  • We check their integrity and make sure they can deliver on their claims.
  • We bring together international buyer and Indian seller and broker a deal.
  • We arrange for all pre-export documentation and procedures as well as quality checks by third parties. We assist international buyers with all compliances.

For producers of commodities in India or manufacturers of products in India wishing to tap lucrative Meher Global Impex markets this is how we assist:

  • Our experts carry out market surveys in specific geographic regions to identify buyers and existing market conditions
  • We approach international buyers and promote products on behalf of Indian sellers
  • We fix agency and dealership agreements and undertake price negotiations on behalf of Indian manufacturers wishing to export.
  • We help Indian manufacturers obtain appropriate licenses and approvals
  • We assist with financing processes.
  • We help with export procedures, logistics and shipment

We are your one source stop for international trade. Trust us. We have helped dozens of businesses take the next big leap.

Mission & Vision:


We are on a mission to facilitate and promote international trade and thereby help the Indian economy. We aim to make it easier for international buyers to source products from India and Indian exporters to grab international markets through exports.


Our grand vision is of a world that is a single platform for international trade and we see ourselves as catalysts of business change.

Our Team

Our team is our strength. Qualified and experienced, our team members specialize in getting results. Highly knowledgeable, each one knows exactly what to do and how to serve customers in order to fulfill expectations. Apart from professional skills, our people excel in building and maintaining relationships, so crucial for business.

Working collaboratively all the time, whether it is between themselves or with clients or with officials, our team shows a dedication and commitment to fulfilling goals and achieving targets within time. We believe in going out of our way to help and get results while staying within the bounds of ethical practices. We believe in a win-win policy and a long term association. We are here for you.