Non Basmati Rice

Non-basmati rice that we supply is selected from specific growing regions of Punjab and Haryana. High in nutrition and processed to preserve the taste, texture and flavour, non-basmati rice is affordable and can be used for every day preparations. Rice is available in short and long grains and in thick and thin varieties. You can pick rice that separates into individual grains that is perfect for pulaos, risottos and similar dishes or you can pick rice that is glutinous, perfect for some Chinese and south-east Asian recipes.


Whichever rice you select you can be sure that it is the product of extreme quality controls and meticulous processing. We adhere to highest standards of hygiene and have automated test equipments as well as manual checking to ensure perfection in each variety. Buy with confidence because the Meher Global Impex brand inspires trust. We have decades of experience in rice processing and deliver quality rice you will love to include in everyday meals.

PR 11 Sella

PR 11 Steam Rice

IR 8

IR 64

Ponni Rice

Sona Masoori Rice