Customer service is hugely important for us. As facilitators we have to ensure that interests of both parties are safeguarded. When you engage us, you will find that we are fully dedicated and committed to your cause. As part of our customer services we are always available by phone, email, fax or online chat. We believe in fast responses and quick resolution of any issues. You will find us helpful and friendly. Even if you call just to inquire you will find that we are always willing to give you all the information you need. If there are any issues along the line, you can rest assured that we will be there to provide timely help and try for positive outcomes. We believe in positive engagement and in being available at all times to give highest levels of satisfaction.

We are your trusted partner to source a host of products from India to any destination of the world. At the same time, we can also import products from the Meher Global Impex destinations for the buyers in India. Two prime elements that characterize our sourcing services are quality and price. Some products are available at some locations at lesser cost due to geographical and other advantages. At the same time, some products at some locations are well known for superior quality. Taking into considerations the cost and quality factors, we source the products for our clients. We have goodwill in the market apart from a worldwide network. It enables us to source products in a hassle free manner for our esteemed clients.

Knowledgeable and experienced in all export procedures for a wide range of commodities being shipped from India, Meher Global offers export inspection services. We know how the process works. We also know how product manufacturers pack and ship products and what complaints there can be. With this in mind, our teams of inspectors are meticulous and careful in arranging export inspection on behalf of our overseas clients. Export inspection when handled by us involves pre-packing inspection of the products and then inspection when it is packed followed by a third party export inspection agency that issues a valid certificate. You know that when we are involved, you get products that conform to specifications and that there are minimum or zero defects.

Meher Global Impex offers export quality control for its clients as part of its collaborative approach to doing business. Whether it is apparel, consumer products or commodities, we have teams conversant with all aspects of product specifications and we will maintain a hawk’s eye on the processes to ensure the product conforms to international standards. We are familiar with applicable international standards to garments, commodities and industrial goods and follow laid down guidelines when we carry out export quality control processes starting with raw materials purchased by vendors, their processing methods and the final product quality. We assure a no-compromise approach to export quality control.

With our reach in export markets in Asia, Europe and the African continents, we are perfectly placed to offer export market analysis services for Indian manufacturers / producers who wish to export their products to any of these countries. Our export market analysis gives a true picture of the existing demand, future demand, prices you can expect and the viability of exports to a specific region. We help identify the most suitable export markets that allow easy penetration and stability. Our export market analysis service also gives you details of existing laws and standards you must adhere to, freight costs, incidental expenses and the profitability as regards a specific commodity.

Meher Global Impex has the expertise and experience to offer refined export cost analsys service. Our export analysis will help you determine the best price and maximize profits. The service will pick your product and assess production costs and minimum profit margin you must keep for a deal to be viable. We also carry out surveys in the target market to determine the bulk buying price for that commodity and the terms of payment. We also include other factors such as incidental costs, packing, freight and logistics as well as factor in the time it takes to complete a transaction to give you a true picture of your earnings.

Do you wish to get into exports and sell to global markets? Meher Global Impex export consultation is for you. If you are already exporting but wish to widen your scope, we are here to assist you with our consultancy. We give you detailed services that cover analysis of your product, its quality standard, the prevailing standards in specific markets, the prices at which you can sell and all related procedures, licensing, approvals and formalities you need to undergo in order to export. Our experts give you a thorough understanding of the export process and the changes you will have to make and you will also get to know the benefits of exports channeled through us. Let us get started.