Meher Global Impex offers exquisite home furnishing materials and fabrics sourced from the finest manufacturers in India. The main benefits of working through us are that we are connected with these manufacturers. Relationships count for a lot and help us to expedite production or to get specific designs manufactured in smaller lots too. Our fabric and furnishing experts are fully knowledgeable and will work collaboratively with you as well as our manufacturers to ensure you get precisely what you want, in the quantities you need and delivered on schedule. Quality control is something we never compromise on and our personnel thoroughly check each lot before it is approved for export. Another benefit of having us as your “man on the spot” is that we can negotiate prices and get you a better deal in comparison to a direct quote that is often overpriced.


We offer curtain materials, furnishing and upholstery materials, wall claddings, carpets and wall coverings made in modern factories as well as handmade furnishings for an even more exotic and earthy feel.




Carpets & Rugs

Curtain & Drapery