Basmati Rice

The Basmati Rice supplied by us is the choicest and most delicious rice you can enjoy. Handpicked from select growers, our basmati rice undergoes extensive quality checks to ensure you get the taste and the flavor you love. Made to the highest standards and aged to perfection, Meher Global Impex basmatic rice is the pick of connoisseurs. From Punjab to the sub-Himalayan regions, we have ties with growers and our experts never compromise in buying. Rice is stored under controlled, hygienic conditions and then carefully processed in automatic processes that ensure consistency and uniformity from one batch to another.


Meher Global Impex basmati rice is available in different varieties to suit individual tastes. Whichever type you select you can be sure it is the finest rice that you can buy to make delectable pulaos and other preparations. Rice is available in convenient 1 Kg packs and bulk packs. Exported worldwide, Meher Global Impex basmati is the choice of discerning customers who want only the finest.

1121 Creamy Sella Rice

1121 Golden Sella Rice

1121 Steam Rice

Traditional Basmati Rice

Pusa Basmati Sella