The spices carry the stamp of excellence. Our spice formulations are based on meticulously selected spices that undergo extensive checks before being processed. Each spice is checked for essential oil content. The spice formulations are extensive, innovative and greatly enhance the taste of any dish, raising it from the ordinary to the exotic with the addition of just a few pinches. From traditional range of spice formulations to more modern ones that fuse western and Indian styles, the spices encourage you to procure more. We have kept in mind your expectations while supplying these spice formulations.


The spices supplied by us are carefully processed under controlled conditions and packed hygienically in air tight multilayered film to ensure flavor retention for a long time. Created with modern housewives in mind, the spices are attractively packed in convenient, affordably priced packs.


Cardamom Black

Black Pepper

White Pepper

Dry Chillies



Cinnamon Stick